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Bankruptcy discharges unsecured debts like credit cards, medical expenses, and some tax debts. Bankruptcy stops lawsuits, wage garnishments, bank levies, foreclosures, and repossessions. Call the Law Offices of Karen Ware (805) 284-0760 for a free consultation.

Bankruptcy Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Welcome to the Law Offices of Karen Ware, PC.

Our practice focuses on helping people find peace of mind by (1) discharging their debts and (2) protecting their assets.

We understand that personal financial issues have become much more complicated in the past few decades.

The costs of housing, child care, medical care, and education have risen much more quickly than wages.

It is almost impossible to build savings while also paying high credit card and medical bills.

Bankruptcy’s fresh start helps you save for a home, your retirement, or education expenses.

The Law Offices of Karen Ware PC can help you solve your immediate financial problems, protect and keep the assets you already have, and reach your financial goals. 

In addition to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy services, we also offer comprehensive debt lawsuit defense, garnishment and levy defense, tax debt defense, judgment resolution, and estate planning services.

Did you know? With careful exemption planning, it is possible to keep your car and home when you file bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Bankruptcy relieves you from crushing debt and stops lawsuits, wage garnishments, and bank levies. Bankruptcy discharges most unsecured debts, including many past due taxes. With the fresh start bankruptcy provides, you can reach your financial goals. 

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Bankruptcy Overview

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

Bankruptcy FAQs

Stopping Garnishments and Levies

Bankruptcy stops most wage garnishments and bank levies and can even help you get back previously garnished funds. The Law Offices of Karen Ware also offer non-bankruptcy solutions.

Learn more about garnishments and levies.

Debt Lawsuit Defense and Resolving Judgments

If you have been sued by an original creditor, debt collector, or debt buyer, we can help. You might have defenses to the lawsuit or counter-claims you can file. Don’t ignore a debt lawsuit. Learn more about debt lawsuits.

If the creditor has already won a judgment against you, there are still some things you can do to protect yourself and your assets. Learn more about resolving judgments.

Estate Planning Services

Everyone needs an estate plan– especially if you have children. A good estate plan helps distribute your assets. But, it also controls what happens if you become ill or incapacitated.  Learn more about estate planning.

Ventura Bankruptcy Lawyer Karen Ware

Meet Karen Ware

Bankruptcy and Estate Planning Attorney Karen Ware

Karen Ware has been a bankruptcy, debt defense, and estate planning attorney since 2006. 

From the beginning, The Law Offices of Karen Ware has focused on debt litigation defense, tax, and bankruptcy matters.

We are especially focused on using bankruptcy’s powers to help people achieve their long-term financial goals. This requires planning and attention beyond what a “bankruptcy mill” can provide.

Many of our clients are business owners looking to reorganize, people saving for education and retirement, and / or young people who want to buy a home as soon as possible after filing bankruptcy.  Careful planning can help clients successfully reach their financial goals.

Karen’s estate planning practice grew out of this focus on long-term planning. Specifically, she saw many of her bankruptcy clients building up assets (instead of sending money to the credit card companies every month.) These assets need to be protected long-term with careful estate planning.


Did you know bankruptcy can sometimes be the fastest way to improve your credit score?

The FICO scoring model loves debt free people. Bankruptcy helps you become debt free.

Learn more about how bankruptcy affects your credit 

Client Testimonials

Bankruptcy Myths

Can I file Chapter 7 if I have high income? Can I discharge taxes? Do I have to file if my spouse files? Do I have to wait ten years (after filing bankruptcy) to buy a home? We discuss some common bankruptcy myths in this post.

Considering Bankruptcy? Avoid These Mistakes

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