Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Why File Bankruptcy?

There is a common misconception that a person must be destitute to qualify for bankruptcy relief these days. But, it is often people with assets and good income who can benefit most from a bankruptcy filing.

Filing bankruptcy allows people with overwhelming debt to protect their assets and income and avoid a garnishment, levy, or judgment lien.

Bankruptcy can also help people reduce their monthly debt-related expenses. They can then start saving for retirement, a home, or their child’s education.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7 can stop debt lawsuits, collections, garnishments, evictions and repossessions.
  • Chapter 7 can help you get back previously garnished or levied funds if you file bankruptcy within 90 days of the garnishment or levy and if the garnishment / levy totaled at least $600.00.
  • Chapter 7 can discharge some tax obligations.
  • If you choose to do so, you can keep your house and vehicle when you file, assuming you can exempt any equity.
  • Chapter 7 is a quick process, with the average case lasting only 3-4 months. If you choose to do so, you can typically keep your house and your car when you file Chapter 7.
  • How much do you charge for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you work out a payment plan with your creditors.
  • The plan is based on your ability to pay (among other factors).
  • It allows you to avoid foreclosure or car repossession while catching up on payments.
  • You can make manageable payments on tax debts and student loans.
  • At the end of your payment period, many “leftover” debts are eliminated.
  • How much do you charge for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Services

In addition to bankruptcy pre-planning, we provide the following services in average cases.  More complicated cases can include additional services.

  1. Analyzing your financial condition prior to filing,
  2. Advising you about the different kinds of bankruptcy and the requirements for filing,
  3. Completing your bankruptcy intake meeting or meetings,
  4. Helping you resolve any situations that need to be addressed before you can file bankruptcy,
  5. Preparing and maintaining your bankruptcy file,
  6. Preparing your bankruptcy documents,
  7. Reviewing the bankruptcy filing page-by-page with you,
  8. Filing the bankruptcy documents with the Bankruptcy Court,
  9. Preparing you for the §341 meeting (the Meeting of Creditors),
  10. Representing you at the §341 meeting (the Meeting of Creditors),
  11. Filing all Certifications with the court,
  12. Forwarding all required supporting documents to the case Trustee,
  13. Filing all bankruptcy information with the appropriate state courts (if applicable),
  14. Preparing and filing reaffirmation documents (if applicable),
  15. Representing you at reaffirmation hearings (if applicable),
  16. Representing you at the plan confirmation hearing (Chapter 13 only),
  17. Representing Client at hearings and / or proceedings to determine status of liens,
  18. Reviewing Creditor proofs of claim,
  19. Reviewing Trustee’s intention to pay claims,
  20. Objecting to invalid proofs of claim,
  21. Ensuring you receive your final discharge papers,  and
  22. Ensuring the bankruptcy court properly (and promptly) closes your case after you receive your discharge papers.




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