Bankruptcy Fees

Bankruptcy Fees

There are three separate fees associated with the typical bankruptcy filing:  (1) attorney’s fees, (2) court filing fees, and (3) credit counseling fees. Each of these is explained below.

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Bankruptcy Attorney’s Fees

Your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 attorney’s fees will depend on the complexity of your case.

CHAPTER 7 Attorney’s Fees:

  • Chapter 7 attorney’s fees typically range from $1300.00 – $2500.00.
  • Average attorney’s fees for a single filer Chapter 7 including standard services:  $1500.00.
  • Average attorney’s fees for a joint filer Chapter 7 including standard services:  $1900.00.
  • If your case requires additional services (not included in the standard services), your fees will be slightly higher.
  • If your case is very straightforward,  your fees will be slightly lower than average.
  • Please complete a free consultation to get a customized quote for your case.

CHAPTER 13 Attorney’s Fees:

Chapter 13 cases are sometimes billed under a flat fee, and sometimes require hourly billing. If your case requires hourly billing, we will explain procedures to you thoroughly.

For flat fee Chapter 13 cases:
  • Chapter 13 Attorney’s fees range from $4000.00 – $6000.00, and depend on complexity of your case.
  • A portion of the fees are due prior to filing.
  • The remaining fees can be paid through your Chapter 13 repayment plan.
  • Your plan payment calculation must allow you to pay attorney’s fees through the plan. If this is not possible, all fees are paid prior to case filing.

Payment Plans for Pre-Filing Attorney’s Fees

Our office offers Clients the option of paying their pre-filing Attorney’s fees over 30 days.

Chapter 7 fees must be paid in full before the case can be prepared and filed. This is a function of the bankruptcy code, which treats your attorney like any other unsecured creditor.

Chapter 13 filers have the option of paying some of their fees through their bankruptcy payment plan when disposable income permits.

Even though we offer payment plans, you might need to pay fees immediately if you have an emergency bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees

NOTE:  court filing fees are separate from / in addition to Attorney’s fees.

Court filing fees are $335.00 for  Chapter 7 and $310.00 for a Chapter 13.

Court filing fees must be paid prior to filing.

Credit Reports, Judgment / Lien Searches, Title Search

Most costs of doing business are included in your attorney’s fees for your case.  A few costs are passed on to the client. The costs of each of these is reimbursed by the client.

  • In a typical case, we will need to order credit reports and a judgment / lien search.
  • In some cases involving real estate, we will need to order a title search.
  • In some cases involving real estate, we will need a professional appraisal of the real estate.

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and Debt Education Classes

Bankruptcy filers must take a credit counseling class before the case can be filed.  Once you take the class, the certificate of completion is good for 180 days.

After your bankruptcy is filed, you must complete a second course, called a debtor education course.

If you can allow 3-5 business days to receive your certificate of completion, the course will cost as little as $15.00.  If you need an emergency certificate, the course will cost $25.00 – $35.00, depending on which provider you use.  We can help you find the lowest-cost provider.

Most people prefer to complete the courses online, but  you can also complete the courses over the phone or in person.



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